At Tumo, teens between the ages of 12 and 18 take charge of their own learning, gaining cutting edge skills in the fields that matter today and tomorrow.

Teens combine self-learning activities, workshops and learning labs, picking and choosing from whatever piques their interest.

How it Works

The Tumo learning program is made up of self-learning activities, workshops and project labs around 8 learning targets. Teens combine these into personal learning paths that adapt to their evolving preferences and rate of progress.


Self-learning activities are short, interactive exercises designed to inspire and build up skills. Coaches help with activities by getting learners unstuck, advising, and providing encouragement. There are hundreds of activities to choose from, and most are prerequisites that lead to workshops in each learning target.


Workshops are led by industry professionals from across Tumo’s 8 learning targets. They range from beginner to advanced and culminate in individual or team projects. Each project is published to the participant’s portfolio and is sometimes submitted to competitions and festivals, or published online and on app stores.

Learning Labs

Learning Labs are offered on an ad hoc basis by top technology and design professionals from around the world. Instructors lead advanced labs and work with Tumo teens on real life projects. Labs can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months.

Every student at Tumo has a personalized learning plan that is generated by our software. The Path software suggests the best route for each learner to take through the program, and dynamically adapts to their pace and preferences over time. As teens progress through the timeline, completing projects and leveling up, they build up a portfolio of results that becomes their living diploma.

How To Apply

In the Tumo program you spend twice two hours per week – once from home and once onsite in the Thalvie premises. Your time slots are fixed and the coaches will accompany you.

Starting date is on September 26th 2022. When registering you can choose your time slots — first come first serve.  The next starting points are 24.10.2022, 21.11.2022 and 09.01.2023.

Currently open time slots: 
Monday 06.00-08.00 pm+ Wednesday 06.00 – 08.00 pm

In case non of the time slots work out for you, we’re happy to put you on our waiting list for upcoming time slots. Please subscribe for this purpose to our newsletter and we will notify and update you about new open time slots.

All 8 learning targets are available to you. Learn what you desire whatever you want.
You don’t sign up for a specific topic, but you are always free to choose based on your interest.

There are two formats at Tumo:
In the self-learning phase, you work through our material at your own pace along your personal path. You will be accompanied by a personal coach.

We also offer regular workshops and special learning labs. When you join, you’ll come together with a small group of young people, work on a project with professionals from the relevant industry and the appropriate professional software. With each workshop you complete, you move up a level.

Stay with Tumo as long as you want. We have enough interesting material for you to be around for years and keep building on your strengths/skills.

The program is open to all kids and teens from 12 to 18 years old.

Registration is done digitally via the following link.

Contact Us

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